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tv   News  ABC  July 16, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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how much sun we see could boost temperatures higher. right now we're going for the upper limit of our two-degree guarantee at 89 but a little more sun could push some of you into the 90s. 6:0. let's check -- 6:30. let's check the beltway and beyond with kim. >> as you check around the beltway traffic mostly smooth. however, still have that disabled vehicle on the northeast part of the beltway approaching the reisterstown road exit. police are on scene causing a little rubbernecking but nothing too serious there. also, we have a crash westbound whitemarsh boulevard as you approach 95. that's going to impact your commute, kind of severely if you travel in that area as well. quick look now, this is going to be the west side of the beltway at liberty road. you can see traffic is flowing smoothly. we have a little increased volume but no major incidents at this time. back to you. 6:30. he's probably watching us now. if so, please call police. >> police want to talk to a man caught on camera the day two teens were hit and killed by a light rail train.
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abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with more. >> reporter: baltimore county police continue to search for answers after a light rail train hit and killed two teenagers. now police may have a new lead. they are searching for a man who was on board that light rail train when it hit the teens during the fourth of july weekend. officers are trying to find this man because he could provide information in the case. police say the passenger is not in any trouble but think he may have seen something that could help. connor peterson and kyle wankmiller both died when a light rail train hit and killed them. authorities say the teens were walking on the tracks near the lutherville station when they were hit by the train. the family members want to know how the accident happened, how did two trains run over two teens twice and why did the first driver not stop? >> i'm waiting for him. i'm still waiting for him. and i know they are not coming back. >> reporter: if you know the man that police are looking for you're asked to call baltimore county police at 410-307-2020. again, this man is not in any
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trouble. and officers say his information could be vital to their investigation. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. baltimore police made an arrest in the shooting death of a woman in fells point. they arrested 22-year-old dante mccrea after surveillance cameras caught him putting a shotgun in a car. 48-year-old joseph letowsky died at the hospital. she was find tuesday morning on register street off eastern avenue. police have not released a possible motive on this. it was chaos right on the doorsteps of our nation's capitol yesterday as police had to shoot and kill an armed man. it happened yesterday evening at new hampshire avenue at c street. capitol police say the man took off from a routine traffic stop and went the wrong way down a street hitting two officers and finally crashing into a police car. it's not over yet. the armed driver was eventually surrounded but refused to drop his weapon. the witness describes what he
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saw. >> when i heard the crash i started running up to the corner. then i heard a bunch of pops. i didn't realize they were really gunshots. i thought they were sounding like firecrackers. >> the officers hit by the car weren't seriously hurt and police aren't sure why the driver was near the capitol. the -- appliances in the future could be run like an interactive web page this. home demonstration was done in albany, new york. you would manage your appliances by telling them to run in off peak hours when it would cost you less and use less energy. the smart grid technology will also allow to you get information about energy use when you use it. >> we'll get information about what costs currently of -- then you'll have it preset to say when it costs more than
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x i want it to run in energy conservation mode. >> residential smart meeterings and a smart appliance will cost more to buy it but will save money in the long run. you may see them in the next decade. the smart appliances could be introduced next year. wal-mart is going green. today wal-mart will ask suppliers to measure the environmental impact of their goods. so wal-mart will take this information and put it into a ratings system. this rating system will then appear alongside the price of the product so you can make that decision when you buy something about how environmentally friendly they are. wal-mart says this is a bold new step in its efforts to reduce energy consumption, cut waste and introduce sustainable products. this just the first step in probably what we won't see for several more years. owning a beach house, seems like an impossible dream now, right? until now. theodore zenis of oregon is giving away his coastal home.
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$99 and six lines. you have to tell him why you want the beach house. >> had it on the market, couldn't sell it. really hard with the real estate. everyone knows that. just using words sparingly, concisely, making them -- making powerful words. >> the home has all new windows, doors, appliances, bamboo floors. he hopes to get 4,000 entries. so get to writing. if only there was a magic pill that could help you just lose the weight! >> scientists say hang on. they've discovered a drug that is just as effective as gastric bypass surgery. >> and every customer at this coffee shop gets their coffee for free. but they are still making plenty of money. 6:35. check out this image now. we are looking at mount airy, a pretty sight but a lot of clouds and muggy morning, 72
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degrees. we'll talk about some storms trying to roll our way as well. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> traffic is picking up some on the west side of the outer loop but no problems to report between liberty road and the baltimore national pike. let's check the buses and trains now. >> good morning. out there now you'll find the number 10 bus working with a 10-minute delay. the 3, 11, 61 and 64 continue to be diverted at charles and center for artscape. look for the number 21 bus westbound to be diverted at preston and maryland and 22 eastbound at university and st. paul and university and 40th. today's code orange forecast, that means we're approaching unhealthy ozone levels. to improve air quality, it's recommended you use mass transit or carpool today. this is a typical snack bar.
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welcome back. we have a feel-good story to inspire you as you sit there and sip on your cup of coffee. at one coffee shop no one has been paying for their coffee. here's how it works -- it started at this drivethrough window more than a week ago. a customer wanted to pay for the next customer's drink in addition to her own. listen to this, since that customer paid it forward here at the steamin' bean in missouri more than a thousand others have followed suit. isn't that great? >> a great idea. >> the owner there says no one, it seems wants to break this chain of good deeds. >> hard times. i think people want to be part of something knowing their dollar goes to a greater good. they may not be able to change the economy but if they can change one person's day with one little gesture. >> love it. customers have even donated money so if someone in need does take advantage of a free drink there's no -- there's
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some money available to keep it paying forward. >> great idea. good for them. coming up next here on "good morning maryland" - >> they need your help. >> baltimore county police have new information into the deaths of two teenagers hit and killed by a light rail train. there may be a witness. i'm sherrie johnson. that story next. # p+
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as well as abnormal behaviors... such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and hallucinations may occur. don't take it with alcohol... as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur... and in rare cases may be fatal. side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions... contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-- ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. coming up on "good morning america" at the top of the hour but a lot to tell but here. >> let's give you the top stories we're working on for you. >> never before seen footage of the horrible accident with
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michael jackson. this is 1984 when he was shooting this pepsi commercial. and intense fire caused by a gas tasker explosion destroys an entire highway. the pictures are amazing. the amazing part, nobody was hurt. and baltimore county police need your help to find a man they say can shed some light into the deaths of two teens hit by a light rail train. that and more all ahead. it's going to be hot. let's find out, justin berk. >> hot and near normal but hot we have not had in a while. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies in downtown baltimore which is a good thing because it will cut down on sun glare for the commute but temperature currently in the inner harbor at 74. you're in the 40s and 50s just yesterday and the day before. we start off at a mild and somewhat muggy 67 towson. 65 ellicott city. that is the cool spot but low to mid-70s around the bay. overall official number at bwi marshall, we just missed the record yesterday at 589 but this morning -- 58 but this
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morning we start at 71. while we're watching showers fire up lower eastern shore, delmarva and across the coast, another band pushing its way into the mountains doesn't have a lot of umph to it, and showers across central pennsylvania, southern appalachians. this line may get more active after 1:30 especially north and east of baltimore but we'll give the model the possibility of developing showers. take the umbrella and plan for something possible midday. tomorrow, increasing clouds, staying warm, muggy and building showers especially in the evening. overnight, this is 2:30 saturday morning with showers and thunderstorms rolling through. then we'll have a wet cool start to the weekend. two-degree guarantee in the upper limit of 89 today with showers and thunderstorms possible. then the sun pops out in the afternoon. some spots near 90. we'll stay muggy near 70 overnight. for a check of the roads here's kim. >> traveling through howard county there's still debris burning on the side of the road, that is route 32 westbound approaching the cedar lane exit. not causing major impact on
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the commute, just minor rubbernecking delays. quick peek now, this is the jfx southbound as you make your -- excuse me, 95 southbound at whitemarsh boulevard, still an accident blocking the left lane, westbound whitemarsh boulevard approaching 95. also 83 southbound, the jfx at northern parkway. no problems to report there. just a little bit of increased volume as you make your way to downtown at this time. quick look at the cameras, this is 695 at liberty road. you're going to have increased volume, a little minor slowing as you approach route 70 interchange this morning. back to you. 6:46. the driver didn't see a thing but maybe somebody else did. >> at least police think so. abc2 news sherrie johnson has more on the accident that happened on the light rail tracks. >> reporter: it's been almost two weeks since the light rail train hit and killed two teens and police are still searching for answers. now officers discovered new information that could help in this investigation. they are looking for a man, this man here, the passenger, who was on that train that hit
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and killed connor peterson and kyle wankmiller. both 17 years old. authorities say the teens were walking on the tracks near the lutherville station when the train hit them. the teen's family members want to know how the accident happened, how did two of its trains run over two teens twice and why did the first driver not stop? police say the male passenger is not in any trouble but could help in this investigation. >> they really believe that this man saw quite a bit and he may even have experienced quite a bit while being a passenger on that train. from where he was sitting in his perspective. >> i'm waiting for him, i'm still waiting for him. and i know they are not coming back. >> reporter: if you know the man that police are looking for you're asked to call baltimore county police at 410-307-2020. again, this man is not in any trouble. officers say his information could be vital to their investigation. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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two men are injured after a shooting in middle river in the area there. this happened in baltimore county. police say this incident happened on starwood court. one victim was found in an apartment there with a gunshot wound to the chest. the second victim was found at the intersection of rossville boulevard and philadelphia road. investigators say there was a third man driving that victim to the hospital. to franklin square, ran out of gas on the way so the driver went to a nearby convenience store, got some gas but by the time he got back the victim had flagged down rescuers and a police officer had arrived on scene. no word now on the extent of the injuries. now on the west side of the county we're talking about woodlawn. that area there. police say that's where two men were shot. this shooting happened just after 10:00 in the area of lord baltimore drive near oak ridge court. the two were walking together when they were shot several times. both were taken to the hospital. police in anne arundel county say they still don't have a suspect in the shooting death of a man in glen burnie. the man was found at the
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rainbow view apartments. neighbors say they heard shots and then found 28-year-old lamont jordan out there lying on the ground yesterday morning. the department of defense says the bodies of at least two marines killed in afghanistan are back home. one of them, sergeant michael heedy jr. of delta, pennsylvania. his family from maryland. he was killed in combat monday. the bodies arrived at dover air force base in delaware last night. no investigators are still trying to determine what caused a football-sized hole on a southwest plane headed for baltimore. the plane's black box along with part of the plane that ripped had been sent now to the ntsb headquarters. so experts can try and figure out what happened. the hole in the plane caused the cabin to decompress and the pilot forced to make an emergency landing in west virginia. all the passengers on the plane are ok. southwest says the jet was 15 years old and was last inspected six months ago. here's some perspective. you might get upset over a baby crying next to you or you can't stuff all your luggage in
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the overhead bin but when you see your pilot get arrested, it's a little unsettling. yesterday in virginia police arrested the captain of an airtran plane then took him away. 57-year-old michael carnask evidently got a little rough at the security checkpoint at newport news williamsburg international airport. passengers had to wait for three hours while they found another pilot. think about this next time you get upset. >> the pilot being under stress and i guess having a prima donna attitude when they get to the line first. it doesn't surprise me. >> i do get frustrated. i can understand his frustration but taking it out and attacking is a little extreme. >> the pilot has now been charged with assault. >> the pilot. pulled off the plane. an amazing explosion. knocking down an entire highway overpass. this happened north of detroit. gas tanker collided with two other cars and then just burst into flames. the flames shot hundreds of feet in the air and could be seen for miles.
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most amazing story from this, nobody was hurt in this crash. >> i've never seen so much fire in one spot in my life. >> oh, my god, i'm so grateful to god i'm alive because we were all right -- i mean, i was right there and all the other cars were right there by me. >> it took rescuers more than three hours to get this fire under control. now to some never seen before footage of michael jackson. "us magazine" obtained this video of his never before seen 1984 pepsi commercial accident. when his hair caught fire. no one has seen this. the clip where the pyrotechnics exploded too early and ignited his head. you can see him, he keeps on dancing. at first he's not aware he's on fire. keeps on going, that's when people rush in to help him out. there is speculation that because of this accident that led to jackson's drug abuse that may have started when he was taking prescription medications to ease the pain from his burns on his head.
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that issue, by the way, of the magazine, hits news stands tomorrow. it took six tries but the shuttle endeavour is finally up and away. nasa scrubbed the past launch attempts, because of bad weather, other times there were other problems. it was supposed to launch last month originally. officials say the eight or nine pieces of foam insulation came off the external fuel tank during liftoff and the shuttle was hit at least two or three times. the damage appears to be minor but nasa is still paying close attention to the video launch. 40 years ago today another shuttle launch is being celebrated, apollo 11 went up for the first manned trip to the moon. astronauts neal armstrong, buzz aldrin and michael collins become the first people ever to set foot on the moon. they did this four days after the launch. it's no secret. if you want to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more. researchers at two universities are now working on a weight loss drug, they say
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it's as effective as gastric bypass surgery. the people are working on this out of indiana university afford the university of cincinnati. they say the drugs suppress appetite and increases calorie burn. keep in mind, megan, they've only been testing this on rats. but the rats have bodies like ants now so they think it's maybe working. the next step is to test it on people because it's likely not now because the fda still has to approve it for about 10 years. speaking of weight loss drugs, here's a story of a different kind -- a federal judge sentenced a couple for illegally selling more than 2.2 to million doses of a weight loss drug on the internet and between the two they will do some prison time, home detention and forfeit $1.5 million. prosecutors say they received drug orders on-line. the internet pharmacy business they were part of unlawfully sold some of the drugs, and had customers answer a questionnaire instead of
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talking to a doctor and then prescriptions were mailed out. a popular heart bypass method is raising concern. a doctor at duke university says that the results from the new study are awakeup call. it's a method that involves using smaller incisions to extract a leg vein. the method spares pain and maybe problems up front but results do something it may raise their risk of dying or maybe suffering from a heart attack over the next three years. other doctors, however, say at this point more research is needed. 6:a 54. a british -- 6:54. a british packpacker safe after being lost in the mountains in eastern australia for two weeks. >> even his father was getting ready to admit defeat but then jamie left his -- the search team of more than 400 people set out to find him. they had no luck.
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after 12 days his father said i have to give up hope. even had a small memorial service. he carved his son's name in a tree, even buried a rose in his memory. then he received the best text message of his life. listen. >> i'm like a lunatic. my boy has been found! >> always stayed positive. i always knew i would see him again. he's very stubborn. >> jamie stumbled upon walkers who brought him back after 12 days. he survived the freezing conditions by eating seeds and weeds and sleeping under a log. >> it is their winter season down there. it's chilly. we're anything but. we have temperatures in the low 70s. a little hint of humidity and mugginess. we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. there's our view from umbc in catonsville. no rain now but showers and thunderstorms possible, late
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morning through early afternoon. our two-degree guaranteed upper level limit of 89. 88, more storms tomorrow. low 80s with more showers on saturday. i'm getting reports that the left lane, eastbound span of the bay bridge blocked because of debris in the road. left lane remains blocked westbound through whitemarsh boulevard approaching i-95 exit there because of that earlier accident. coming up on "good morning maryland" at 9:00 -- we're talking about babies. specifically getting ready for the new arrival. pay attention. >> that and more coming up at 9:00. see you then. next up, "good morning america" at 7:00. hi everyone. my name is lisa,
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